So ive been using the Urban Decay Cannonball waterproof mascara for about a month, and i’ve finally decided to review it.

When i first bought it, i’ll be honest, i didn’t like it. It was too clumpy and the brush would always come out with too much product. BUT, after a few attempts i can safely say that this is my favourite mascara and the one i always go it.

I love this mascara, it holds curly lashes, even in the hot Australian summer, where it is so hot we are slowly melting on the side walks. It also lengthens and thickens lashes and the small wand allows for a precision application.

Trust me it is truly “waterproof” and the product doesn’t flake off your lashes like other water proof mascaras. It has strong staying power and a beautifully lacquered black texture.

The only Con is the price, it is a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for a cruelty-free, waterproof mascara, its your best bet!

Thursday Jan 1 @ 05:31pm
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